Osnaburg Towel Description, Uses and Care

Towel Material: 100% Osnaburg unbleached cotton, prewashed
Added feature: corners are reinforced to prevent fraying
Embroidery Thread: Polyester
Size: Approx. 18” x 27” (slight variations due to the nature of fabric)
Made by: Sheridan’s Design Innovations, Phoenix, AZ

Embroidered osnaburg cotton towels are heavier than a flour sack towel, yet lighter than waffle or terry cloth towels; perfect for kitchen use or as a larger bathroom hand towel. Simply place your beautifully embroidered towel over an oven or dishwasher handle and your kitchen will thank you! Place towels chosen for the bathrooms – it’s like adding art!
Use as a decorative cover over dinner roll baskets – it’s attractive and protects the rolls from insects. The attractive cover keeps the rolls from drying out in warm climates. You can also wrap warm rolls in them to keep them warm.
GIFTING!  Embroidered osnaburg towels make the perfect hostess gift – as well as for Mother’s/Father’s Day, birthdays, Valentine’s, Thanksgiving and religious celebrations – or simply as a “love gift”! Our towels are individually packaged using acid free clear bags so they can be stored until needed (you have a dinner party tonight? and no gift?….simply run to your embroidered towel “stash”) – such an easy, convenient and inexpensive gesture!!
Machine wash using warm water. Wash with like fabric; washing with some other fabrics could cause lint to cling to your towel. Avoid bleach; bleaching will fade the embroidery colors. Dry on warm; remove when done & shake out. Iron if desirable.

Osnaburg towel corners reinforced to prevent fraying: